Thrift Stores – 7 Ways to Get the Best Buys

Thrift stores are a bargain-hunting delight. This is where you can find nicely used Ugg boots for $ 2 or a gorgeous custom chair for $ 40. But in order to thrift effectively, you need to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Decide what you are interested in. If you can not stand the idea of ​​pawing through used clothes, you might want to pass up stores like Goodwill and Savers and look for consignment and second-hand stores that stock furniture and housewares.
  2. Think about who donates to the shop. In my neighborhood, there is a charity thrift store on the main drag to an upscale neighborhood. A friend of mine found a Coach bag there for $ 5 and I saw a beautiful blue toile custom couch for $ 50. If you are looking for top quality at bargain basement prices, shop surprises near or in good neighborhoods.
  3. Know the stocking schedule. Chat up the help to find out when new goods are put on the floor and how often they are discounted so you can be there for the best stuff and / or the best prices.
  4. Ask about a wish list. Some thrift stores will take your name and keep an eye out for whatever you might want.
  5. Volunteer. This is an excellent way to get first crack at the really good stuff. Some stores have restrictions on when or what workers can buy, so if your objective is picking up early bargains, check out their policies first.
  6. Shop often around the end of the year and in January. People make a lot of donations at year-end to get a tax write-off. You may just find the best stuff from October to January.
  7. It never hurts to haggle. Thrift store prices are cheap, but if an item is damaged or has been in the store for a while, you might be able to get even more off the price. You can always ask! Some consignment stores have a schedule to drop the price if an item has not sold; the manager might be willing to give you a break if the date for lowering the price is near.

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